Agri Plant Solutions is a  small family business based in Warwickshire.

Marcus & Helen Sutton head the company and both are proud to continue their family's historic partnerships with Agriculture, Civil Engineering and Project Management. 

Marcus says "Agri Plant Solutions Ltd was incorporated in 2009, focusing on the prevalent need to be able to provide a cost effective, lasting solution to the many roads and tracks and car parks across the UK suffering with erosion and the tiresome pothole. Such are the extensive areas involved, traditional methods are found to be a heavy drain on financial resources. We have also found that our methods suit many people due to it's low environmental impact and lowering the carbon foot print. In particular where local authorities may have vetoed tarmac or concrete in areas of natural beauty. The need for cost effective, environmentally friendly ground works in producing floors, bases, roads, yards etc are met and achieved through ground stabilization. This method can see cost savings over traditional methods of up to 35%. Problematic soils, wet and water logged soil based materials can be quickly converted to quality mot grade material through cement and/or lime stabilization "

Road Reclamation .... New Road Construction ....  Cement Stabilization .... Soil Stabilization 

New to our fleet - Narrow Working Width  Machine. for the stabilisation of narrow tracks, pathways, buggy tracks and confined spaces 

 Starting from only £1.50/m2

By adding on further options such as our cement stabilisation, bitumen stabilisation and tar & chip methods will add further longevity to the basic reclamation service.

Even our stabilisation options cost a fraction of traditional concrete and tarmacadam style surfaces

Traditional tarmac, concrete, block paving, resin surfacing and a whole host of other construction services also available and carried out a to exceptional high standards at very competitive prices.

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